Content Creation from scratch

Our copy department THINKS digitally and holds Veeva Multichannel Platform certifications proving a solid know-how on the system

Digitalization Service

Our internal development team has an extensive experience in digitalizing our own contents as well as those provided by third-parties 

Process Management Consultancy

Technical and strategic counseling and support to optimize digital processes regarding CLM contents

Full Multichannel Service

SYNESIS, with its long-standing Multichannel Partnership with Veeva Systems, offers to its customers comprehensive knowledge on CLM, Approved Emails, Engage, MyInsights

NO al PUSH marketing, SI al PULL marketing

Pull Marketing

Say NO to PUSH marketing, YES to PULL marketing!

Make information available on every stakeholder's device for easy and timely access

Our Strength


An agile and efficient structure, with solid digital, technical and scientific skills, designed specifically for Pharma

VEEVA Multichannel Offer

Allows HCPs to use their PREFERRED CHANNELS

SYNESIS and Veeva allow cross communication over all digital channels


SYNESIS believes in – and invests in – certifications

SYNESIS offers both technical and marketing certifications on all Multichannel Veeva solutions

NO to PUSH marketing, YES to PULL marketing!

Make information available on every stakeholder's device for easy and timely access

When contents are principally sale-driven, there is always a risk to design communication media that concentrates excessively on product messaging. This may lead to an overflow of information at stakeholders that they don't really need.

Monitoring allows us to adapt communication media and their content based on specific HCPs needs, providing them exactly what they are looking for!

The greatest benefit of eDetailing, and more generally of multichannel digital marketing, is the ability to provide tailored content for each HCP, creating engaging and data-driven media.

SYNESIS is your strategic partner for Multichannel Digital Marketing.


An agile and efficient structure with strong digital and scientific skills dedicated to Pharma.

Our projects boast a true DIGITAL approach, with contents directly conceived FOR digital deployment and NOT just adapted as an afterthought…

SYNESIS provides:

  • a copy department that THINKS digitally
  • a strong commercial team with a solid know-how on Veeva Multichannel Platform
  • an internal digital department which allows direct dialogue between content creators and our development team
  • an established expertise in creating digital contents for eDetailing (both for Apple iPad® & Microsoft Windows® tablets)
  • a complete 360° Veeva service: with our long-standing Multichannel Partnership with Veeva Systems, we provide our customers comprehensive knowledge on CLMs, Approved Emails, Engage Meetings, Engage for Portals


SYNESIS and Veeva allow cross communication over all digital channels

SYNESIS, in 2012, decided to partner with Veeva Systems primarily because Veeva's Multichannel offer ensures a unique cross communication over all digital channels.

Driven and supported by a precise and complete picture of the stakeholders, your representatives can engage their HCPs in relevant and prompt conversations.

SYNESIS provides to your network of representatives a wide gamut of tools designed to engage your stakeholders ensuring a customized call experience with Veeva.


  • More and improved involvement of HCPs: aligning all resources and interactions available to stakeholders giving them a tailored and cross-channel experience.
  • Costs saving: better targeting and tailoring of digital content allow for optimizing promotional investment and extending reach simultaneously.
  • Greater number and improved quality of insights: tracking performances and understanding what is working and what is not. This provides a more precise sales and marketing data picture to quantify success and help drive continuous improvement.
  • Centralized communication management: we put the customer in the cockpit! Analyzing data coming from marketing campaigns will allow representatives to define their own strategy while the overall control remains with the organization.